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Leadership Board

What is an FCA Leadership Board?

The role of the Leadership Board is to work with the FCA director and staff to increase capacity and expand the work of FCA in their region.

As we know, leaders lead. Therefore, Leadership Boards must always raise the leadership level for their local ministry.

Leadership Boards have no legal responsibility or authority. They serve as an advisory board, not a governance board. Their primary function is to provide local leadership in implementing the already established vision, mission, and programs of FCA within ministry policies and guidelines.

The longevity, stability, and leadership of an area FCA ministry rests in the hands of a healthy, involved local Leadership Board. Their steady guidance, support, encouragement and involvement on the local level creates a strong foundation to build and sustain a ministry over decades.

This is a cooperative effort between the FCA staff and the Leadership Board. The FCA staff cannot get the job done on their own and the Board cannot get it done alone. They need each other, one empowering the other.

Who is on the MS Gulf Coast FCA board?

Board chair: Dustin Saucier, (interim)

Board members:

Russell Allman

Tom Gladney

Micah Butterfield

Amon Holcomb

Tommy Searight Jr.

Interested in joining?

We are in a period of significant growth on the MS Gulf Coast. That will require board members who have a vision to reach the coaches, athletes, teams, and schools throughout the area.

First, pray and see if God is directing you to this. And if He is, contact Dustin Saucier and/or Mitchell Williams to start the conversation