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Investing in Eternity

Our Vision, Mission, and Impact 

FCA Vision: To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

FCA Mission: To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationshi pwith Jesus Christ and His church.

MS Coast FCA is working to get the Gospel into every school on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and see it actively lived out. We believe that when a person responds to the life-giving message of the Gospel by entering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, not only does their eternity change but their life changes, too. By following Jesus and earnestly seeking Him, we can re-connect with our true identity and ultimately discover the purpose for which God created us.

If we can spread this message like wildfire to our coaches, through our campuses, and into our communities, we will surely see the world and eternity impacted. It starts with YOU. It moves to THEM. And it spreads from US right here at home.

As you consider ways to invest into the Kingdom of God, will you prayerfully include MS Coast FCA?

What does your investment do?

Your investment keeps a missionary actively working to reach our coaches, campuses, and communities.

Your investment pays for Christ-centered leadership training to equip coaches and athletes to do the work of the ministry in their own environments.

Your investment puts Bibles into the hands of coaches and students whereas they may have not had one.

Your investment pays for students to attend official FCA camps where they will be renewed and empowered spiritually, in character, and even freed internally.

Your investment plants the seeds and lays the foundation of the life-giving message of Jesus to positively impact generations yet to be born, especially their eternity.

Biloxi High Testimony Video

The students at Biloxi High consistently meet each week, in addition to a larger monthly gathering. These students are working hard to reach their peers for Christ and ultimately positively impact the culture of their campus. Some of the Biloxi High FCA leaders even take time to lead the Biloxi Middle School FCA.

Gulfport High Testimony Video

Gulfport High is our strongest campus with FCA on the MS Coast. The students of Gulfport High not only keep FCA very active on their campus but also some amazing parents serve faithfully to ensure these students get to meet each week. Even more, some of these students go beyond the campus into home Bible studies and outreach.

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